Tl;dr version: name's Mary Clare, professionally trained tech designer, lover of designer clothing, realized I could get just as-if-not-better quality clothes by just making them myself.

Feel like reading a novel version: Hello there! My name is Mary Clare. After spending most of my high school years involved in the Cosplay scene (making costumes of and dressing up as Japanese animation characters), I attended school for Fashion Design & Production. After graduating with Honors, I got a job as a Technical Designer and eventually moved to Pennsylvania. After listening to one too many motivational speaker, I decided to quit my job and move back to the Land of the Free (New Hampshire!) to live with my boyfriend of 4 years.

One of my greatest follies is my love of designer clothing. While I'm lucky enough to afford a lot of designer clothing, I've realized over time that there's no reason to spend so much money on designer clothing when I can make almost the same thing and have it be just as nice, if not better quality sometimes! (Of course I'll never be able to give up my Lilly Pulitzer...)

In addition to my sewing habit, I play roller derby, knit, and plan on establishing a homestead on the little patch of backwoods I now live on.