Who Hat; or, I've started binge-watching "The Walking Dead", so expect lots more knitted items

Yes, I know I'm late to the Walking Dead party. Plus side, there's lots of episodes to be watched on Netflix, and it gives me lots of time to knit!

My boyfriend's son, Max, loves Dr. Who (which I've never really been able to get into); after all this time he's spent mocking my constant crafting (he's 11, what do you expect?), I had to prove that a person can, indeed, make cool things while crafting. Enter the Tardis Beanie by Morgan Kenia Andrews.

One of current my goals in knitting is to really try and do something I've never done before with each new project. I'd never attempted any stranded colorwork before. The Tardis Beanie was a great project to learn that new skill with. My attempt is definitely not perfect by any means but overall I'm quite pleased with the outcome.

You can probably tell from the above photo that I did struggle a bit with keeping the tension on my dormant yarn even.. I'm certain my next stranded colorwork project will be much much cleaner, but once again, for my first attempt I'm really pleased.