Mint Hat; or, utter fuckery (Xmas hat 1/8)

You know how there are some projects that you can tell are just becoming a hot mess but you keep working on them because you're hoping things will get better? That's this hat.

The pattern is "Nottingham" by Melissa Mall. I wish I could tell you I knew exactly what went wrong with this project but I'm not entirely sure. I don't know if choosing Cascade 220 (I believe it's color 905, celery, but I could be mistaken) over the suggested Patons Classic Wool Merino really made that much of a difference, or if it was really my method of doing the T2B and T2F that set me off on the wrong foot. I switched the method when I got to the second part of the cable pattern and it made quite a bit of difference

The two really enjoyable parts of this project were: 1) finishing it; and 2) knitting while watching roller derby and having a drink at Starbucks.

A few of my favorite things: roller derby, knitting, and Pumpkin Spice Latte

Overall, I probably won't try to make this pattern again. I do wish I had used US 6 needles for the bottom ribbing instead of using US 8 needles for the whole hat as in the pattern- the bottom ribbing is a little too loose for my taste... I definitely prefer a more snug fit for my hats than what this one has. I also don't like how short the hat is. I really don't care for the little hats that only cover half of your ears when pulled snug (but maybe i just have a big head and on someone else it would fit better?) Luckily, this hat isn't for me!

For those who don't know (ie, probably everyone reading this), I'm one of 9 children in my family. Yes, my family is Irish Catholic, howdja know? I've decided, since I like knitting hats so much, to make knitted hats for all of my siblings this Christmas. The situation may have improved since last I lived at home, but from what I remember, there were never enough hats to go around (not because we didn't have the hats but rather because we would always misplace our hats). And besides which, my mom always likes to have extra hats around in case someone comes over to play. So, This is hat number 1 out of 8. Not exactly a home run, but it'll still keep your ears warm in the winter.