Big Leaves Hat; or, My New Green Beret

After spending all that time working on my SBCC Denim Jacket (and by the way if you haven't voted for me yet in the Pattern Hacking category of the Sewing Indie Month sewalong contest, you totally should), I wanted something quick, easy, and requiring very little thought to work on. Enter the Big Leaves Hat knitting pattern by Atelier Alfa.

I actually started this during the Gotham vs. Angel City D1 Playoff bout (roller derby yay!) on Sunday night and finished it about 24 hours later while watching Million Dollar Baby. This is a very quick hat to knit up (no complaints about that here!). I used Lamb's Pride 85/15 Wool/Mohair in Oregano, which was just about the perfect amount to make the beret in size medium. I think it might be cutting it a little close if you were using that yarn and making a size large.

Top View

Bottom View

Overall, I'm incredibly pleased. I've had that skein of yarn sitting around for a while (after picking it up for 40% off!) and had been looking for something to make for a bit. Very very happy with the end result... I can only hope I'm as pleased with the next hat I make!