Hippie Orbitus Hat; or, this doesn't make me look like the Liberal College Student Meme, right? (Xmas Hat (2/8)

Well, I did it. I broke away from Cascade yarn (for now). Over Halloween, Denis and I had the pleasure of visiting Keene, NH for a convention (Denis hosted a panel); while there, I just had to check out the local yarn store and scored a skein of Plymouth Kudo yarn (no link because I couldn't find it on their site- is it discontinued?). While the Orbitus Hat by Kelly McLure calls for a merino wool, I absolutely love how it came out with this cotton/rayon/silk blend.

While I wouldn't consider it a hat for keeping warm with by any means, it's perfect for whom it's being gifted to. Slouchy, trendy (it's trendy, right?), and the yarn was basically self-striping in this pattern!

I mean, it's not a hat I would ever wear personally, it's not my style, but it's totally perfect for a hipster-y, college-aged girl who just got back from India, right?

And I have to say, Kelly McLure has some super cute patterns to offer. I'm eyeing up the Gypsy Rose Hat myself. Might have to make one for myself and one for a gift! ;)

Hat Pattern: Orbitus Hat by Kelly McLure // Top & Vest: Both White House Black Market