Starflower Hat; or, this looks like a Mom Hat, right? (Xmas Hat 4/8)

So I've had a hankering to work with some super bulky yarn for a while. And of course, I love Cascade Yarns, so I acquired some Cascade Magum and figured there must be some hat pattern out there I could make with it, right? Well, I finally settled on the Starflower by Eveli Kaur.

I also call this my "Lawrence of Arabia" hat because it took me exactly the length of "Lawrence of Arabia" to knit the hat.

The hat is actually perfect for what I was looking for- a hat for my mom. It's exactly the sort of hat she'll wear! Not gonna lie though, it was a struggle to get all my hair under it....


Also, side note, I really really want a new camera and tripod so I don't need to ask my boyfriend to take all my photos. But hey, at least my binge-watching "America's Next Top Model" should be helping my posing a little, right?

On the other hand, I feel like my attempt at a Giraffe Neck just makes it look like I've got a giant thick neck :P

Hat Pattern: Eveli Kaur // Top: White House Black Market // Jeans: White House Black Market