Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Collection Round-Ups

I love the Pre-Fall showings. Okay, fine, I love all of the seasons.... except for maybe Resort. Maybe it's because I typically don't go anywhere that would justify Resort-wear, but I digress. I find Pre-Fall particularly exciting because it gets me all geared up for the Fall shows to come. So now I'm going to share some of my favorite selections from the Pre-Fall shows!

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is usually pretty hit and miss for me but these two stood out for me for the use of cut-outs on the skirt and sweater respectively. I'd love to try and replicate these elements somehow!

Alice + Olivia

Okay, first off, love the styling with the berets! Hello, excuse to knit more berets! A trend I saw a lot in many of the shows was the embellished denim pencil skirt, and I was adore the overall look of the Alice + Olivia one in the first image- leather jacket, mustard top, pencil skirt beret, love everything about it. The white mod dress, white beret, and red lips look is so chic, and the colorblocking in the final skirt/top set is really lovely. Overall, the Alice + Olivia collection was one of my favorites.


Once again, the cutout detail around the neck and the flutter sleeve is so pretty... I'd love to incorporate it into my sewing somehow.


Okay, so I probably wouldn't wear these dresses myself because I've found the twee style is working less and less for me, but oh my god, how gorgeous is Gucci's Pre-Fall collection? I just can't even figure out words to describe it. All I can say is I wish I were a skinny little thing with stick straight hair who could get away with a bowl cut so I could literally be like the girl in the middle two photos. The best I can do is maybe I can figure out a way to mix a small floral with a southwestern print like in the 3rd dress. If I can do that and not have it look homemade and twee, that would be a major accomplishment.


So I normally don't pay much attention to Marchesa since it's all evening wear and it's like "Ehhh, when am I gonna wear that?" Because yes, I do actually look at the clothes for when am I gonna wear it as well. And despite Denis being involved in the political sphere, I really only have one occasion a year to wear evening wear (at least for now) but anyway, I digress. I still loved these 3 dresses for the use of lace around the neckline, especially on the white dress. I'm sure there must be a way to incorporate that neckline style into a sportswear piece.

M Missoni

All you need to do is take a look at some of the pieces from my "Tsarevna" collection to know how I feel about curved seamlines- I love 'em. So, not surprising, I love the dress in the first image from M Missoni. I'm sure it would be a b-itch to fit, both if you were buying it off the rack and if you were trying to make it, but, it's so cool looking (hate the styling though- hate the shoes and socks combo they've paired with it. I'm not a big pumps [okay, I know, they're technically not pumps but you know what I mean] and socks fan on the best of days, forget when it's a combination like that). While the cape in the second image isn't anything special design wise, the plaid is just awesome. I mean, I'd buy it for the plaid alone.

Oscar de la Renta

Oh, Oscar de la Renta... how you make my heart flutter! Okay, so the mixed media in the first image is fab, as is the geometric lace (at least I'm guessing it's lace) along the front. As for the red and black dress, what can I say except that it's gorgeous? Gorgeous silhouette, gorgeous print, gorgeous colors- moving on. I would love to try and replicate the dress in the final image; I used to draft patterns like this all the time- not crazy about the low pockets though, but that can be forgiven.

See by Chloe

So these are all pretty different and I love them all for different reasons. Image 1: gorgeous smocking. Ever since I made my Croatian Waterfall inspired project my Junior year of college, I've had a love affair with smocking (and specifically freeform smocking) so this is my excuse to do some handsmocking again- yay! Image 2: The denim dress is just so cool girl chic and easy to replicate and add your own spin to. Image 3: Love how the zipper falls on the outside of the pocket instead of the inside as would normally be the case. Nice detail. Image 4: I was specifically drawn to the mixing of animal prints. I went through a phase in college where it was animal prints all the time so I'm so very happy to see I can relive that stage of my life.


Okay, so leather jacket love in image one (and just general badassery love). Love the cutout neckline shapes in the last two images, and especially the draped detail around the bust in the last image.

Final Thoughts

I wish I could share every single piece from every single show that I thought was cool and interesting but there just isn't enough time/aren't enough words. I tried to just pick out the pieces that I think are going to have the biggest impact on me and how I shape my pre-fall wardrobe. If I've missed some of your favorite collections, please let me know so we can discuss because seriously, I love talking about the shows with people and my boyfriend just does not cut it!

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