Vagrant Winter Pom-Pom Hat; or, Can I please just keep this one for myself instead of giving it away as a gift? (Xmas Hat 6/8)

Normally I'm a natural fiber snob when it comes to yarn. I wasn't always that way and I especially wasn't that way about fabric, but ever since learning more about polyester and other man-made fibers while working in the industry, I've really tried to become more discerning about what kinds of materials I'm using. However, I simply could not resist the siren's call of the Buttercream Angel Hair yarn in black & white that is currently available at JoAnn Fabrics.*

*I will take this moment to mention that if you have not checked out my "Sponsorships" tab, you should. If you don't feel like clicking on it, I'll lay it out here: I make no money from you clicking on any of the links I provide. Really! They're just for your own benefit so you know where I got my materials/clothes/whatever and where you can get it for yourself. So feel free to click away!

Like with the Cascade Magnum yarn from a bit ago, this was a case of "buy the yarn first, figure out what to do with it later". I knew I didn't want anything too complicated so I settled on the Vagrant Winter Pom-Pom Hat by Sue Tierney McNamara (which is available for free by the by!).

Um, can I just say how comfy this hat is? No, really. It's like a pillow for your head, and in a way that's actually kind of bad because you never want to take it off.

The pattern itself is really straightforward- I think it only took me a day to knit it, and I like that you can see the rib pattern even with the fuzzy yarn.

It was a little difficult to get some decent shots this morning. I told Denis that I was tired of taking photos inside but it was about 28 degrees and the camera we're using can only take about 8 photos at a time (crappy, I know), and Denis gets cold easily so it was back and forth, back and forth... I'm trying to use things like this to convince him of why I need a new camera and a tripod; this way he can stay inside by the fire where it's warm and I can go outside into the cold and take photos for as long as I please.

Bonus outtake photo where Denis told me to put my foot up on the wall and it looks kind of stupid but my beautiful new poncho is blowing in the breeze! So majestic!

Hat Pattern: Sue Tierney McNamara // Poncho, Jeans, & Boots: White House Black Market // T-Shirt: Ann Taylor // Necklace: The Limited