Simplicity 1325; or, it's the little details that count

It's the start of a new year and already some pretty exciting things are happening! Namely, it's Jungle January over at Pretty Grievances and also it's the start of the Pattern Stash contest. Obviously, if I can merge both together, that's best, right? Enter Simplicity 1325.

I know, I know- right after I complain about not liking to work with knits, I jump right in with a tee shirt. And, once again, I can't help but feel like something's "off" in the final product. Maybe it has to do with the amount of ease at the bottom hem in this top; I actually considered making it smaller but decided that it's really quite comfy and to leave it as is.

Side note: does it look like I'm trying too hard in my photos? Because I totally feel like I'm trying too hard. It could also be that I'm not happy with my weight so I'm just never happy with my photos.

The one thing I did do to this top that I really like is I added some silver trim to the neckline. JoAnn's was having a huge clearance sale on trims so I was able to get loads of trim for 25 cents/yard (awe yeah!). I ended up catchstitching the cord to the neckline.


Overall, it's super comfy, and a top I can wear for work so it's more or less a win all around!