Deck the Halls; or, seriously, my boyfriend should never let me have an unlimited crafting budget, like, ever.

I am a compulsive crafter. Denis likes to call me a "flash in the pan" sort of person because I will very often try something out for the first time, decide it's the bestest thing ever, do it a lot, and once the pan is cold, stop doing it (at least for a while).

So. Here's what happened. I went to Michael's to get sticky magnets so I could finally put my grocery shopping list on the fridge (I have a super cute list from Kate Spade). While I was there, I decided to get a basket in which to put all of the blankets that have been floating around the living room. So at my Michael's, the baskets are behind the floral department, so I had to walk through the floral department and saw all the pretty wintry fake flowers and thought to myself "Screw it, I'm making a holiday wreath!"

Have I ever made a wreath before? No. Have I ever used fake flowers for anything at all ever before? Yes. Once for a hat for a school project that I wasn't really pleased with. But was that going to stop me? No, of course not!

Of course I picked the prettiest, glitteriest things I could because damn it, if I'm going to make something that's just for me and just for the heck of it, why the hell shouldn't it be a glitterbombed mess? I mean, it's a miracle I thought to get a glue gun and some wire cutters before I left the store otherwise I might've been trying to cut those flowers with some damn scissors.

Yes, that is Futurama you see in the background.

All the boys were out of the house so I took my new glue gun, 3 pairs of wire cutters, sat with my back to the wood stove, and got to work. Not even 45 minutes later I was happily satisfied with the results of my efforts.

I may indeed have found my new "flash in the pan" craft, but at least I can have fun with it while it lasts, amirite?